Grass Protection Mesh GS1000 for Football (1x10m)


This versatile ground and grass reinforcement mesh offers flexibility, ideal for various applications on football pitches. Its design caters to turf protection, embankment stabilisation and occasional vehicle use.

Specifically tailored for football-related requirements, this ground and grass protection mesh delivers optimal protection for football pitches and other relevant areas. The products adhere to Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDs) compliance and maintain ISO 9001 quality assurance standards.

The mesh is strategically engineered to fortify and safeguard grassed areas, making them well-suited for applications like spectator areas,  cycle paths, football stadiums. Recognised as the top-tier grass reinforcement mesh available, it ensures the highest quality for football-related applications.

  • Well-suited for permanent grass reinforcement applications
  • Rapid installation, cost-effective, and versatile
  • Mesh is laid and securely fixed directly onto the existing surface, eliminating the need for soil removal or excavation
  • Features a slip-resistant mesh structure, further enhanced by applying a thin layer of sand for increased grip and traction
  • Effectively prevents grass wear, rutting, and mud 
  • Serves as an environmentally conscious alternative to impermeable paved surfaces, especially in areas where natural grassed traffic routes and driveways are preferred
  • Particularly advantageous in locations with planning restrictions or for those considering cost savings
  • Well-suited for Source Control applications within a Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SuDS)
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