GridLok Excel Gravel Pavers

The Gridlok Excel gravel pavers are all SUDs compliant (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) and do not require planning permission for applications such as carparks, overflow parking, access roads, pathways, golf buggy paths, light aircraft taxiways, cycle paths, etc.

The product can withstand loads of 300 tonnes per square metre, and each paver is 475MM x 475MM (4.4 pavers per square metre) and 39MM in depth. The Gridlok Excel Porous paver is manufactured from 100% recycled polypropylene/polyethylene, and is suitable for grass reinforcement or gravel retention applications.


Features & Applications

  • SUDS Compliant
  • Easy to Install (No special skills required)
  • Chemically Inert
  • Rot resistant
  • Suitable to support commercial vehicles

  • Carparks, Overflow carparks
  • Access roads, Emergency access routes
  • Golf buggy paths, Cycle paths/Bike tracks
  • Light aircraft taxiways
  • Grass or gravel driveways
  • Truck bays
  • Caravan/Static van base

Porous Paver Installation


Paver installation – in all cases, before installing porous pavers you should first determine the ground conditions over which the paver is to be installed. Ideally, you should consult with a specialist to provide a CBR (Californian Bearing Ratio) test. The CBR result will give an indication of the required sub base.

During construction, care of the ground to be infiltrated should be taken. The fines content of the sub base should be controlled, so where possible, store the stone off site and construct the porous surfaces as late in the project as possible to prevent clogging and compaction. The sub base should be DOT type 3 and construction should be in accordance with BS 7533: Part 3: 1997 Code of Practice for laying pre cast concrete paving blocks and clay pavers for flexible pavements.


For gravel finishes

A geotextile should be laid over the sub base below the pavers, to prevent the cross contamination of the gravel. Once placed on the geotextile, the pavers should be filled using a 6/10mm clean angular gravel. Once filled, the pavement can be used immediately.


For grass finishes

the sub base should be mixed with 30% sharp sand. Once the pavers are placed on the sub base, they should then be filled with a mix of 70% sharp sand with 30% soil and seeded with grass seed. Once seeded, the pavement should be left un-trafficked to allow for the grass to establish. Alternatively, turf can be laid directly on top of the filled pavers. Once the turf has been laid, it will need to be rolled and left for at least two mowing cycles to allow for the roots to establish.


*Note: the depth of sub base may be reduced by including a ground stablising mesh geogrid.


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The paver will self-stabilise over a period of time due to the injection moulded studs at the base of the paver. This will also prevent any lateral movement over time.


Because of the open nature of the cellular structure of the pavers, grass roots allow water and nutrients to drain easily and form good root growth if the intended application is to have a finished natural looking grass structure.


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