Insect Mesh (1m x 50m, 185gsm, 1.6mm x 1.6mm Mesh Size, Green)


This green insect mesh is manufactured from HDPE which is UV stabilised. The mesh size is 1.6mm x 1.6mm, and is therefore suitable to protect against flies and insects. The mesh is produced as a 1m x 50m reel, it is rot proof and has a good open area to allow air flow. It is suitable for applications such as door and window screening, air filtration, louvres, soffits, conservatory vents.

Features & Applications

  • UV stabilised materials
  • Cost effective solution

  • The Insect mesh can protect louvre systems, vents, roofs, doors and windows against:
  •             Insects, flies, wasps, bees and mosquitos


Produced from plastic

With a very thick rectangular mesh

With regular pattern

Mesh: 1.6×1.6 mm

Available in Grey and White on request


Run-resist, it does not unravel

It resists chemicals and weather conditions and is long-lasting

It does not prevent ventilation of indoor spaces

It can be shaped with simple scissors to adapt it to any window or opening, even if they are irregular

Easy to install


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