Plastic Netting/ Garden Mesh | (35 x 22mm – 2m x 100m)


(35 x 22mm mesh size – 2m x 100m dimensions)

Flexible and resistant fence for enclosures of domestic and courtyard animals

Cintoflex is an excellent lightweight fencing material ideal for use on sports courts, golf courses, pet and stock (or crowd) control. It has been used on aviaries, bird (exclusion) cages and to stop birds from entering barns and lofts. Cintoflex has been used to keep birds and pests from fish or settlement ponds.The exclusive production process of its threads offers CINTOFLEX D fence a high tensile strength and makes it long lasting. Its light threads and the wide mesh make it an inexpensive solution ideal for creating enclosures for domestic and courtyard animals. Thanks to the molecular orientation of the threads in both directions (longitudinal and transverse), it offers high tensile strength and high tear resistance.

Our multi-purpose plastic fencing/protective netting has a high tensile strength and can be manufactured in widths up to 1m. Available in four mesh sizes, they are rot proof, chemical resistant and UV stabilised. They are easy to install requiring little support and can be erected to heights in excess of 25m.


Features & Applications

  • High Tensile Strength
  • UV stabilised
  • Rot proof and Chemical Resistant
  • Easy to Install
  • Cost Effective Solution


  • Deer Fencing
  • Aviary netting
  • Bird cages/bird caging
  • Fruit cage nets,
  • Ball stop nets
  • Sports ground perimeter netting
  • Golf nets for golf courses
  • Commercial fencing
  • Crop protecting fencing/netting
  • Game netting
  • Animal fencing
  • Allotment fencing

If you’re looking for heavy duty netting, ball stop netting or any other protective netting, you’re in the right place.

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