Anti-Mole Nets, the Humane option to dealing with your Mole problems

It’s not normally something that crops into your mind that often, well unless you’re an avid gardener or landscaper. The idea of moles making a mess of your garden with their hills – and if it were a few years ago the next step would be to get some mole traps installed and that would be the end of that. But, that comes at a completely in-humane cost, moles can’t understand that you’ve spent some time refining your garden, they’re just doing what they know best, it might be an inconvenience to you, but come on let’s not make a mountain out of their mole hill, shall we? 


Even if they are making their mole hills, they are actually important towards the growth of plants and wildlife, allowing the ground to be aerated, which in turn can cause more plants to be able to grow easily – but you still don’t particularly want it happening in your back garden! 


Fortunately, there’s a way to keep your garden protected, as well as protecting the moles too. Mole nets are a great addition to your garden to help keep it looking its best and not harming the moles in any way either, well other than they’ll lose that prime place to build their hills! Think of it as us putting on a coat or a jacket in the winter, we’re trying to protect ourselves from the blistering elements, and that’s exactly what the mole net can do for your garden.


In no way does it hurt the moles, just gives them a little inconvenience as to where they can’t poke their faces through the ground. The light and thin net is a huge aid in keeping that grass green and stopping the erupting hills from the ground! However, you might be thinking to yourself about how you can’t just put some deterrents in the garden to stop the moles from coming in, or in some cases use maybe some metal netting to stop them from getting through? These are simple ways to stop the moles from coming home, yet with most home remedies of mole deterrents being made up of elements that aren’t pleasant for both your soil and the moles too, it goes back to how the mole net is humane in dealing with the moles in your garden. As well as this having a metal net can be effective in the same sense of protecting against the moles, but where the metal net does fall down is that it can’t handle itself as well against the weather and chemicals that the polypropylene mole nets are made from.


Of course, you still want to keep the moles at bay and not tear up your garden, but as well you want to make sure you aren’t harming the moles and are keeping the protection as humane as you can. This is where the mole net is most effective, getting rid of the need for mole traps and the in-humane practices that come along with them – you’re making sure to keep your garden looking its best, but also healthy moles too (who might just be a little annoyed they’ve lost their favourite place to make their hills!).