Ground Protection

Ground and grass protection meshes for farms and gardens

Unfortunately for Britain, our two weeks of all sun are far gone this year and now we’re back to the other 50 of dark, dim and of course rainy weather. For most of us that means dreary days of getting the umbrella out on our walks or commutes to work and whining about how much we took Summer for granted! However, for farmers and farm workers the hard work never stopped and is really just beginning again.

Those long days and nights of tireless work are coming back, but truly they never really left. Farmers are working around the clock to help keep everything going, from the milk in your cereal to the vegetables on your plate, they play a huge part in keeping this country ticking forward, even when the clocks go back! From the livestock farmers to the crop growers they are all pivotal in our daily lives, a lot of the food that we eat is grown here in Britain thanks to their hard work.

What is the need for Ground Protection?

Having a farm means you need a lot of room though, and the countryside is no better place for them. Open fields as far as the eye can see and perfect for them, from raising cattle to growing wheat and barley. Being a farmer as well brings with it environmental duties to take care of the land that they are using and make sure they are keeping its natural beauty too. This can be a little bit of a problem with the heavy machinery that they use on a regular basis, which can affect the ground and increase the need for grass protection. These, while being extremely helpful, are damaging to the ground below and the grass in particular that keeps our paths and fields lush and green, but, with the heavy pressure on them and the constant treading over them with wellington boots will cause damage and, in some cases, kill off the grass altogether, but with grass protection this can be avoided. 

You might say, well can’t they just replant the grass seeds and let them grow again? You can do this but this takes time and is in ways being environmentally friendly with replanting back the grass but keeping it there in the first place and protecting it. With grass protection mesh, the thought of losing grass after something has walked or driven over it is a thing of the past, protecting the grass and the ground below as well as keeping the land looking green and natural is always a huge plus! Or even for just paths, the protection mesh is a great asset to keep them looking as pristine as possible.