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Ground frost protection for gardens

Winter is fast approaching and we’ve already started to welcome back the bitterly cold mornings. We certainly hadn’t missed having to make sure that we get up a bit earlier to de-ice our cars! Some may be excited by the onset of the frost, as it means Christmas is coming, but spare a thought for the plants and flowers in your garden.

The last thing most of us want is for our gardens to be looking bare when Spring comes around. Ideally, we need to be investing in ground frost protection sleeves for our gardens, to make sure our plants and flowers continue to thrive all year long.

You may think that there’s no way to keep your grass and plants looking their best through the harsh Winter months; the frost will affect and stunt the growth of the grass, causing patches of bare ground around your garden. With frost protection sheets and the threat of a bare garden will be a thing of the past come March, leaving your garden looking completely untouched. 

The frost protection will keep the flaura safe during the adverse weather, allowing only small drops of water and air in to keep the grass and plants at their best.

If you’re tending to your plants and crops this winter, a frost protection fleece is a must.