Frost protection fleece

With the hot weather and summer behind us, we dive into the wet and cold autumn and winter period. As humans, when we know the weather is getting colder and we know that those shorts for the beach won’t cut it anymore, we put on a coat and some warm clothes to stop us feeling cold, and to protect our health and wellbeing. For us, that’s easy to do but for the plants, crops and and greenery that we have, they’re just out there braving the elements. This should be fine theoretically for many native plants, however, this isn’t fine for most crops and any imported or non-native flora.

The plants, crops and any other kind of flowers that we may have in our gardens or farms during the brisk winter mornings, where the ice forms all around us as we’re warm inside our homes, require frost protection fleece to protect them.

Just like us wearing a coat or wrapping up warm when going out to face the freezing cold during the winter months, plants and crops need it too – but, obviously you can’t wrap your prized plants in hats and scarfs! However, having a frost protection fleece for your plants and crops will do just as good of a job, probably even better than having a coat on. 

Wrapping your plants or crops up in the fleece will keep them safe and sound during the onslaught of whatever weather the winter months choose to throw at them. The lightweight design and the easy installation makes it a need, rather than a want for the best frost protection of your crops and flowers.

One of the downsides of living in Britain is our ‘Great British Weather’ – the unpredictability of it in the warmer months thinking that you might get one day of sunshine and then a sudden downpour. In the autumn and winter months, the constant downpour of rain can be a blessing in disguise for our gardens and help grow them even more, without putting a strain on our water bills! The design of the frost protection fleece for gardens and farms means that water will still reach and nourish the soil, as the fleece is permeable to the water and air, meaning plants are not only protected but they’re also still able to grow.

It’s a great asset for any avid farmer or gardener in these next few months to keep all your plants safe and make sure that they stay happy and healthy throughout the cold period, without being a strain on you or your pocket either! Check out the ‘Ground Frost Protection Fleece for Plants and Crops’ on our website to see more or purchase one for yourself.