How to Ensure A Proper Installation of Turf Reinforcement Mesh?

Turf reinforcement mesh

Creating a garden or installing a new lawn on an undulating slope is a challenging task. Surface water and soil erosion are the two major problems in gardens. Turf reinforcement mesh is a modern solution to these issues.

Basics of Turf Reinforcement Mesh

The turf reinforcement mesh, abbreviated as TRM, is a functional element that plays a leading role in preventing soil erosion and wear and tear of grass. Made up of durable materials, they are a primary choice for different households. They prevent the constant soil erosion and reinforce the growth of vegetation.

Things to Consider While Installing Turf Reinforcement Mesh

It is important to install the turf reinforcement mesh correctly to reap the most benefits. Here are some guidelines that one should keep in mind while placing a turf reinforcement mesh.

  • Choose Proper Anchors: The mesh is placed on the surface with the support of anchors. You should consider various factors of a surface for a proper installation. Expected flow conditions, soil consistency, and surface frost heaving are important to check. This will help to get a suitable anchor point for your pins.
  • Levelling the Site: Before installing grass reinforcement mesh, it is important to prepare the surface. You should take care in levelling the soil. It should not contain any dirt clods, debris or rivulets. The cavities on the surface should be filled up to get a perfectly compacted base soil. After the levelling work is done, you should apply the seed and fertiliser and perform other necessary amendments if you want the perfect lawn with your mesh.
  • Create a trent for anchors: Digging a deep trench for the anchors of the TRM is another vital procedure. One should be aware of the total area where the mesh is installed. There may be different surfaces where digging anchor trenches are not possible. In situations like these, you may place closely spaced anchors.
  • Install the Mesh Carefully: After the basic things are done, it’s time to unroll the Turf reinforcement mesh over the anchor trenches. It should be placed in a way that it has the maximum connection with the soil surface. This factor will be effective in controlling erosion. You should pay attention to ensure that the mesh is anchored properly.

These are the factors to check before installing a turf reinforcement mesh. Call Ground Stores for any advice before you buy. We are a reputed source where you can get different ground reinforcement products.