4 Signs of Damage on Your Grass that You Should Never Ignore

grass protection mesh

Your garden should be one of the most striking parts of your home. If your lawn is damaged, this can be an eyesore at best, and potentially a rolled ankle in the worst case. Whether you want to bask in the summer sun or spend quality time with loved ones, the lawn becomes your go-to destination. However, to keep the lawn in pristine condition, you have to maintain it.

Causes of Grass Damage:

Like any other plant, grasses need necessary nutrients and water. You have to be more attentive to your lawn if you have a dog or a chicken coop next to it. The grass on the lawn can also get damaged if you place something heavy over it.

Top Grass Damage Signs and How to prevent them?

You can understand that the grass on your lawn is damaged by observing a few signs. These are mentioned in detail in this blog. If you are looking for all-round protection, it will be prudent to use grass protection mesh.

  1. Patchy Grass: This is one of the basic signs of grass damage. It is characterised by discoloured grasses and patchy areas. It generally happens when the grass doesn’t get enough sunlight or water. Inconsistent growth of grass is also a sign of this problem.
  2. Turf Diseases: There are many symptoms that indicate turf diseases. This issue may happen due to unequal water distribution and high temperature and humidity. You will be left out with patchy grasses and lesions on the blades of the grass. Fungal infection is also a prominent reason for various turf diseases, such as grass rusting.
  3. Growth of Weeds: Weeds are highly invasive and can hamper the overall look of your lawn. They grow very fast and feed on the nutrients of healthy grass. If you spot weed growth at an initial stage, you should not delay in protecting your grass.
  4. Animal damage: If you have a dog, you may face this problem regularly. Digging up holes in the ground is the favourite pastime of your pawed companion. It damages the grass and soil alike. The surface may also get damaged if they urinate on the lawn. It will be beneficial to apply a surface reinforcement product to prevent this problem.

If you want to end all these problems, you can try applying grass protection mesh. It gives you overall protection from the grass damage. Consult an expert source like Ground Stores to get quality ground reinforcement products. We can provide you with strong and durable grass protection mesh that protects the beauty of your lawn grass.