Grass Protection Mesh, Ground Protection Mesh

Keep Your Grass Looking its Best this Summer

In the summer months, the ground is traversed across quite often, leading to an impact on the growth of your grass for the months to come! In the time of barbecues, days in the sun and of course festivals – it’s no wonder that our grass can sometimes feel the pressure that’s being put onto it, and as we are in Britain there’s no time where we’re without the fear of rain, which can do good, but also harm the grass at the same time too.

At Groundstores we can help you to combat damage to grassed areaswith our range of grass and ground protection meshes.

From our heavyweight ground protection meshes to protect from vehicle damage, to the lightweight ground protection meshes to help prevent the risk of damage to your ground and grass from any pedestrian walking across it. Our ground protection meshes are slip-resistant and SUDs compliant, making them perfect for a range of applications: from open greens to even in your garden!

Find out more about our grass protection meshes below and stop your grass being damaged today.