How to stop your dog from ruining your lawn

Has your beloved dog turned your garden into a holey mess?

Dogs love to dig for entertainment through boredom and lack of socialisation. Terriers and other working dog breeds will dig as it’s there natural instinctive behaviour and were bred to hunt and always need a ‘job’ to keep happy! Puppies especially have tons of energy so digging holes in your garden is a great way to expel that energy and of course be mischievous! Dogs can also dig due to behaviour and anxiety issues.

To curb this behaviour there are a few options you have such as:

  • Supervising your dog and when it starts to dig cause a distraction
  • Provide more mental stimulation
  • Provide more exercise
  • Teaching your dog a command such as ‘stop’ every time it goes to dig

Our turf protection mesh is also a great preventative measure, this diamond plastic mesh is light and easy to lay down onto existing grassed areas and pinned down with our U pins. The three dimensional structure ensures effective anchoring of the grass roots and the small hole size prevents the dog’s claws from digging up the grass. Once the grass has grown through the mesh, it will be hidden guaranteeing your ‘green’ garden again and a lawn mower can be used without problems.

Before and After application

This mesh to prevent dogs from digging is non-toxic so doesn’t cause any harm and has also been evaluated and approved by professional dog trainers.

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